Welcome 2017

Yeah, it is probably too late for welcoming the new year, but as a very wise person said long time ago, better late than never.

Raimon Pannikar, a philosopher, theologian, writer, son of a Hindu father and a Catalan mother, said that winter is a time to heal wounds, to recover the spirits, to strengthen the body, the mind, the spirit, and to be ready for the joys of spring. And probably a week ago, some of you were on vacation, and some others were empowering your antibodies with a cold virus inside your body.

We, in Lleida.net never closed for holidays, never. We are taking advantage of these weeks to get stronger and to begin 2017 with energy and vitality.

How was it possible to do it? Someone asked from the far end. By welcoming a dozen new workmates who have joined the team during the last month, and yet a couple more to come. Due to our global service nature and our internationalization process, reinforcements have come from all over the world: Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia, Hungary, and different provinces of Spain.

The challenges for 2017 are great and ambitious: to improve our position in Latin America, to lay the foundations in the Middle East, and to consolidate our position in Spain in the Fintech and Insurtech sectors, thanks to our online contracting platform Connectaclick, and to RIU, the Identification service for onboarding processes. Simple, isn’t it?

Well. We have to lick our wounds fast. Mobile world Congress is just around the corner, the most important IT event in the world, and we are going to participate as the last twelve years (we are seasoned veterans). So, we are with the foot hard down on the accelerator for the opening day to come.

By the way, if you want to attend the MWC for nothing (and even if you don’t) do follow our blog.
Cheers, ibuprofen, happiness and light through all this year!

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