Lleida.net’s commitment to innovation and sustainability

We got brand-new cars!

Electric cars, of course. We have an innovative spirit with a focus on how to develop business, based on sustainability and responsibility.

We are an IT company, but we are not manufacturers, so that, not having this industrial component, the impact of our business on the environment is relatively small. We have always been committed to all the measures related to separation of waste, rational use of air conditioning, etc, all of them focused on the activity that we develop in the office, but … There is life (and also business) beyond the office!.

Lleida.net Sales Department is headquartered in Madrid, we come to the office by car, we visit clients by car (sometimes they are near and sometimes they are 25 km far away ), and we go home by car. Based on rough estimates , we travel 150 km a day, and our cars emit 120g of CO2 per km, therefore, we emit 18 Kg of CO2 a day to the atmosphere (Ugh, may be our impact is not ” as small as we thought). We already had a hybrid car (which generates fewer emissions), but we decided to make a clean break and bet for 100% electric ones (big round applause).

Questions & Answers time :


What is an electric car?


An electric car is one whose engine is totally electric (obvious, isn’t’ it?), it moves thanks to the energy stored in the battery that is recharged by plugging the car into an outlet.


But are those cars real? Aren’t they golf carts?


They are for real. The electric vehicle has several unique components that serve the same function as the more common components in a gasoline-powered vehicle.

Our brand-new cars are Renault Zoe, and with automatic transmission. The engine is started and nothing is heard (nothing at all, absolute silence ) the sensation is of absolute fluidity, it is really comfortable to drive them. And optically beautiful indeed.


What about their autonomy?


To tell you the truth, the electric vehicle’s biggest thread may be its their battery. Our EV provides about 150 km of real world driving range. Since it is not easy to find recharging points and it is necessary to wait several hours for a complete filling of the batteries, this means that they are worth to do little more than 100 km a day, having to recharge all night if we reach the limit. But as mentioned before, we travel approximately 150 km per day, so it is more than enough.

In the City of Madrid the recharging network for EV is quite poor (especially fast charging station), but with a little planning and with the help of some mobile apps is possible to drive without the fear of remaining at 0 autonomy.


Any other advantage?


Yes, all those related to traffic and parking areas:

  • The city has introduced parking meters that charge based on how bad the vehicle is for the air. In an all-electric? Parking is free.
  • We access restricted areas only for residents or taxis, and we can circulate on the BUS-VAO lane, reserved only for buses or cars with a driver and one or more passengers.
  • Charging it is free in shopping malls, and as there are still few electric vehicles it’s almost like having a reserved space (very close to the door usually).

Summing up: We love our brand-new cars, they are comfortable, functional and sustainable. Couldn’t ask for more.

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