Déjà vu: Lleida.net, the first Spanish aggregator

Today I had a déjà vu and I have returned to the origins… yes, Lleida.net is once again the first 100% Spanish aggregator.

In 2003, Lleida.net acquired its first licence as a Spanish operator. Little by little we were doing interconnections with all the Spanish operators, it was an expensive and long task, because nobody knew us and did not understand that we did not have mobile users: Virtuals? You don’t have sims? We were working our way up, and paraphrasing our CEO’s words: you make the path as you go’. That’s how we became an operator and a hub: 2 in 1. Once this entire network infrastructure was built , we get customers and started having relationships with international operators and with the major hubs in each region for the sending of short messages from person to person (P2P). We manage not only our own traffic, but also the traffic from users all over the world: Latin America, China, Europe…

Later on, in 2008 SMS A2P (Application to Person) spring up. If you were asked: . Can you show me the last SMS sent to you by a friend? The answer would probably be, No, I can’t, because the actual goal of the SMS is not the same as some years ago.

Lleida.net, taking the most advantage of the international infrastructure, also decided to become an aggregator, becoming a 3 in 1, and getting the traffic from many companies, public administrations, banks, insurers, aggregators, etc. We were the only Spanish aggregator. Over the years and seeing the opportunity of SMS A2P business, many companies emerged and sailed the same sea. Then we found all the boats, yachts, little boats and motorboats, even some pirate ship, all in the same sea, all of them selling SMS.

At several Congresses and exhibitions, it was already said that the sea was filling up with too many boats selling SMS , and that it would be difficult for all of them to be easily maintained. Time went by and some boats sank. However, the trend is small boats being bought by liner boats thus leaving a more stable scenario.

Recently , Link Mobil a Scandinavian company, has bought two aggregators that were originally from Spain: Jet Telecom and GMS (Global Messaging Solutions). That’s where my Déjà vu comes from We are once again the first 100% Spanish aggregator, but this time in a better position. We are being a company listed in the Spanish Alternative Market with subsidiaries and clients spread all over the world and with a big and organized team.

At the same time, let’s not forget that the main business of Lleida.net is the certification, also of Spanish origin, where the SMS has an important role and making use of all the network potential that we have been building over time.
As we have been doing since the very beginning, we adapt to the needs of the market , but that special something that make us different

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