We invite you to RIU video premiere

Boris Pasternak wrote “An unshared happiness is not happiness”. Let me therefore be happy.

Sometimes there are things in the broader, inaccurate and careless sense of the word, that makes me thrill. In a completely irrational way, the joys that thing provides is total almost brushing the sudden breath of happiness that comes when least expected. That feeling is assaulting me, although less bucolic and more down on earth, with our last video: RIU.

Now, and if I were to follow  the guidelines of the Good Blogger, I will have to talk about RIU, but I will not. After all that is what the video is meant for

Performed by Ipanema Films, the process began with the casting, dubbings and locations, as if it were a Hollywood blockbuster. For anyone involved in these processes, making a video is probably movie crew daily bread, but for someone with an engineering background, breaking the daily routine, marked by digital products, with no tangible and not always easy explanations, for a 3, 2, 1 … Action! made my day.

Anyway, wearing George Lucas’ cap would have been useless if the result had not been a success. And with the impartiality of any opinion, I’d dare to say that the result left me very happy, very satisfied, very glad and some other “very” needless  to mention. 🙂

It only remains for me to thank the actors Elisabet Carnicé, Ferran Font, Sami Claret and Manu Fullola, and for the locations Espacio Creativo and Cerveceria Olut, both located in Sabadell (Barcelona). And to Jordi and Eduard from Ipanema Films for their patience and professional skills.


Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

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