Rehearsing for a job interview at the First Job Fair in the UdL (University of Lleida)

If you were a last grade student would like to know how to pass a job interview successfully with us?

On Thursday 24th March we were at the First Job Fair in the UdL where students exchanged opinions and handed in resumes to the participating companies.

The UdL offers several degrees and highly qualified professionals, who are at the spotlight for many companies; programmers IT personnel, designers… just to mention some. got the chance to know those students interested in our business line and some of them agreed on entering kind of role-play. They took a not so false job interview, so they got the chance to learn how interviews processes go on.

The first Job Fair organized by the Universitat de Lleida is the window display for students to know the profiles nowadays companies are looking for.

Fira ocupació UdL 2014 -An experience without any doubt whatsoever to realize the upcoming generation is not only highly qualified but also ready to enter the workplace

Fira ocupació UdL 2014 - 02
Fira ocupació UdL 2014 – 

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