Press Release

Press Release

Due to the latest news about on several mass media , we would like to express the following:

1.- Under no circumstances has taken part in any of the events mentioned by the media.

2.- is a Telecom Operator with thousands of customers over the globe, sending and receiving text messages on a transparent basis.

3.- As a telecom operator is subject to the secrecy of communications, therefore we cannot verify, interfere or modify the content of the messages sent by our customers.

4.- If at some point, any of customers have incurred on any illegal,unlawful act, is, as always have been, ready to provide to the competent authorities the required information through the legal established channels.

About is the First Registering Operator and the leading company in the field of certified electronic communications  providing  safety, reliability, efficiency and profitability electronic communications to companies, governments and individuals, helping to improve their results. Its business model is exported to international markets. was created in 1995 for offering Internet services to customers. Since 2001 it is specialized in SMS services for both individuals and businesses.

Ten years later, in 2005, the company underwent an important transformation and obtained the authorization of the “Comisión del Mercado de las Telecomunicaciones” (Commission of the Telecommunications Market) to offer services as a telecommunications’ operator This led the company to take a step forward and, in 2008, became the first registered operator, turning the SMS and e-mails into legally binding documents.

This explains how they became pioneers in providing services as an SMS operator. is always developing additional services allowing to provide an added value to customer communications: contracting solutions, document management and electronic certification, just to mention some. has customers in over 40 countries. Its solutions and services are present in the three geographical areas of public administration, political parties and media, as well as in SME’s operating in various sectors in and out of our country. is currently an international company with offices in 13 cities across the world: Lleida, Madrid, London, Miami, San Francisco, Paris, New Delhi, Santiago de Chile, Bogotá, São Paulo, Tokyo, Santo Domingo, and Cape Town . They participate at the main international technology exhibitions ;Mobile World Congress, CTIA Wireless IT & Entertainment, Felaban Clab, Febraban Ciab, and MobileCON.

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