Somriures del Kyrgyzstan

Ana, Sergi and Roger will bring smiles to Kyrgyzstan. Ana is studying Elementary Education, Sergi, Roger and Sandra Physical Activities and Sport Sciences. Somriures del Kyrgyzstan (Kyrgyzstan smiles) that is how the three last grade students from Universitat de Lleida has named their adventure of bringing an ambulance to UNICEF Kyrgyzstan.

somriuresThe ultimate aim of the project is to bring the emergency ambulance generously given by Ambulàncies de Catalunya (Catalan Ambulances) to UNICEF Kyrgyzstan, located in Central Asia, a country with 26.6% infant mortality rate, and 38% of the population living below poverty line.

We,, as sponsors ,would have loved to board with them, but instead we have provide economical support and a a satellite phone connection to communicate while travelling. Also, and to show and share their activities and experiences, they will be sending certified pictures with Stamphoto app. The tool will certify every step shot with their mobile phone camera and send through the app.

Stamphoto is a very simple app, just snap and click on certify image,. The GPS geolocalization gives the legal validity to the picture.

In November, Ana, Sergi and Roger and a third partner(Sandra) who will support them during the journey and who will join them short afterwards they arrive to Kyrgyzstan, decided to change the usual post graduation trip for a cooperation project. The project would become a field work where to apply the knowledge acquired during their universities studies bringing at the same time benefits to a forgotten community. They will be visiting schools in rural areas where they will perform various activities related to education and sport.

Today, Friday, April 4, they have departed from Lleida towards the Asian country. 23 stages await them We wish them bon voyage, full of smiles and plenty of Stamphotos.

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