Mobile Learning Day. “Tell me and I forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I learn” (B. Franklin)

Mobile World Congress is without hesitation the world’s largest show for the mobile industry and the Mobile Learning Day was created to engage high school students in it.

Statistics on January 2009 (US) Centre for Digital Democracy showed up that 46% of tweens (aged 8-12) have a mobile phone and 4 out of 5 (80%) teens use mobiles. Can we ignore the powerful computer there is in every student’s pocket?

A mobile phone is a potential tool for learning, but sometimes banned at schools. They can have it at school but not in class because mobile phones are assumed to unleash cyberbullying, hamper their studies, to say the least.

They might go to school without backpacks or even without homework done, but never without their mobiles. Parents demand mobiles on their child for safety reasons kind of pareantal tool; we want them on our child and ON.

It is becoming the case that students are using their own mobiles to support their own learnings, technology is integrated in their lives, and they deal with mobiles as we do with spoons

140227 mobile-learning-day“We’re always being told as teachers that we should give pupils differentiated learning. Now they can,” says Anna Aznar, INS Ronda Teacher-. “Like anything, it’s only useful in the hands of the user. They are not the be-all and end-all.

Students of 4th ESO INS Ronda (aged 16) coordinated by teachers and supported by city companies will participate for the second year in a row and on the occasion of the MWC14 in a gymkhana with a series of team games to overcome, being the mobile phone their only help. These groups will have to find information by overcoming different obstacles

Students in groups of four will have to overcome as they go through different locations in the city by using the GPS, finding information, creating a notebook, video, photography, Facebook and sending e-mails, from their mobiles. collaboration with this high school activity is intended to contribute to the initiative of instructing in the safe and responsible use of mobile phones. Because we believe involving is the way.

Embrace them or ban them?

This activity together with other 72 projects has been submitted to the Mobile Learning Awards 2014 in order to promote educational use of mobile devices. INS Ronda being one  of the 7 finalists.

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