Mobile World Congress 2006-2014. From 8 years ago to some years from now

We all have old stories to tell, tell us yours?

140218 Post Repaso MWC

Mobile World Congress is without hesitation the world’s largest show for the mobile industry. It was first held in 1995 in Madrid as GSM World Congress before moving to Cannes for one year and then to Barcelona in 2006. The GSM World Congress started as operator focused and was focused on building the GSM Mobile Network.

Today, 2006 might seem remote for some, (to the youngest ones) but all MWC editions have allowed all of us  knowing crucial developments for all of us, as we can learn from Softonic’s infography.

The first edition of the MWC in Barcelona brought unthinkable first news so far:

– Mobile Phones HSDPA (High Speed ​​Packet Access Downloading) offering in the same terminal GSM and Wi-Fi. (Yes, I did say GSM and WIFI in the same sentence)

–  Devices for displaying TV broadcast signals TV (anyone ever uses it?)

– Nokia introduced its new dual 3G phone – WIFI in an attempt to answer the growing demand for telecom operators owning both mobile and wired networks

– Vidasoftware, at first sight just another software, but years later became out to be Siri’

– Samsung SGH P900, testing the broadcast of the World Cup (Germany), the standard T-DMB. (Terrestrial Digital Multimedia Broadcasting

-The open source software (including the Linux OS) was moving his hand at both consumer and corporate environments

– Open source was the impulse needed by push based email

In 2006, we unveiled Virtual SMS Messaging Handset, allowing sending and receiving text messages, images, voice, music and video from a PC to mobile phones. And henceforward, Virtual International Mobile SMS, Certified, Contract SMS, SMS, Virtual Numbers for SMS, Registered Invoice and, Dealin9 ‘(application to close contracts in 9 minutes).

140218 timeline-MWC-EN

Beyond the Nokias’, the Microsofts’ and other big fishes, all MWC exhibitors since its beginnings, have had our # 4YFN. We started our journey 8 years ago and in each MWC edition, we continue with the same enthusiasm from day 1, with more grey hair, more wrinkles, and with some mistakes we learned from. But precisely thanks to this and as its results, we have become the world’s first registering operator, improving communication and contracting processes.

And you know what? Fortunately and wisely, there is a market for all of us. We would like to hear about your future. The future began 8 years ago, the future begins now.

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