Volunteering at foodbanks: angels at the grocery’s store

«All for one and one for all» A. Dumas

The oath of union taken by The Three Musketeers is a case in point when it comes to understanding the purpose of the Great Recapte d’Aliments.

This is the basic food collection campaign organized by the four Food Banks of Catalunya, which distributes food to those who have difficulty purchasing enough to avoid hunger

Fortunately, this food collection would not be possible without the collaboration of a peaceful army of volunteers who occupy supermarkets, educational centres every year, “standing at the supermarket front line”, spending 4 hours of their time to encourage shoppers at the grocery stores to inform them about the type of food that is most needed (non-perishable). And thus, fill food pantries. It’s not just people on the streets, it’s also people in your street

Once again this year, Lleida.net supports this initiative as a member of the community and in recognition of the necessary work of  the Food Bank. All of us who are part of this great team, wore the uniform of volunteers and enlisted the peaceful army of the Great Recapte d’Aliments within our office hours, thanks to an initiative of Sisco Sapena, CEO of Lleida.net.

The Gran Recapte d’Aliments achieved a total of 4,656,000 kgspread over 2,500 collection points in 2017 and was assisted by more than 30,000 volunteers. The 2018 edition is the tenth and we are proud to take  part of this project

We encourage you to visit the official website, to volunteer, donate food or spread the word.

Small gestures that make a big difference

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