Last 26 December, a Resolution of the Ministry of Economy and Business regarded as qualified provider for e-delivery.

This new designation means a lot, both for and its user community. was already a trust service provider under the rules established by the European regulation 910/2014 (hereinafter eIDAS Regulation). The uniform and direct implementation of the Regulation across all European territory aims to create a climate of confidence between consumers, citizens, companies, and public administrations when performing electronic transactions, to be sure that they are secure, reliable and easy to use. This means that our customers feel this confidence while using our qualified electronic delivery and procurement services. No doubt about its suitability and validity is arisen.

After the resolution of the Ministry, has a new status as qualified provider, a more than significant adjective. Firstly, because to obtain it, was audited by a duly accredited third party to ensure the service delivery under the specifications required by eIDAS Regulation was performed. Secondly, because these specifications give the service some features reinforcing them regarding validity in the face of potential objections in the framework of legal proceedings.

In practice this feature means that if a customer uses the qualified service on certified electronic delivery by mail, its validity cannot be questioned by any court within the European Union, nor will have to prove that the method used ensures all legal guarantees to be considered proof of delivery of a communication via email in a trial.
The chance to give this degree of confidence and legal force on our services to our customer is a great achievement for, since we have been working in the leading edge to provide electronic trust services, which we have achieved again under the umbrella of eIDAS Regulation.

However, our joy does not stop here, because we are also glad to add that our company has been the first one in Spain to be awarded this qualification, and currently the only qualified Spanish providers. At an European level, we are part of a small group of providers for this type of services.

Please refer to the following official links to check the list of qualified services providers:

The new qualified electronic delivery notification service is Openum eIDAS. The following link contains detailed information on features, operation and prices:

Eva Pané
Eva Pané

Chief Compliance Officer

Legal Practice Graduate at UAB Master in Law and New Technologies by ESADE and Law degree from the UAB. CESCOM® Compliance Certification.