Lleida.net named one of the top 10 companies of worldwide A2P SMS messaging vendors

Today, we have a lot to be proud of: we are the eight best A2P SMS Messaging global vendor. And best of all, the rating comes from the rest of global operators, from a good mutual relationship as business fellows and competitors.
Roaming Consulting Company (ROCCO) is a 100% neutral Research, Strategy and Education Company based in the UK. For 3.5 years they have been providing research into Roaming and Interconnect Vendors on behalf of Mobile Network Operators interested in making the right Vendor decisions as well as on all kinds of hot topics that interest them. Over 500 MNOs contribute to our research annually.

The leading SMS A2P messaging vendors

260 MNOs from 188 countries were involved in the second edition of this report covering over 35 KPis on performance and leadership of 32 vendors chosen by operators. The results are calculated across three ratings: performance, leadership and performance+. From the first group we stand out for value for money and quality of service, for the second for being innovative and simply to work with us and,  for the last one for our technical support and direct connections.

We are proud to know Lleida.net is one of the top 10 in the world, says Beatriz Garcia Head of Interconnection Officer. It is the result of the hard work, dedication and effort that Lleida.net team carries out every day.

The report also covers some direct quotes about Lleida.net from the other operators participating in the report. Just to mention some:

The best in our minds

We like to work with them, one of the original vendors in the space and still one of the best

Great company we admire

The A2P SMS Messaging Market Intelligence Report 2016 – Strategic Analysis is available at  ROCCO.

More than enough to be proud of 🙂

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