Lleida.net and Zurich sign agreement

It is said that summer’s a time to relax. However, we  at Lleida.net, make the most of any season to broaden market and grow internationally.

From 20 July and for the next three years, we will provide ZURICH INSURANCE PLC and ZURICH VIDA COMPAÑÍA DE SEGUROS Y REASEGUROS SA. electronic notification and contracting services. These  services will improve Zurich processes making them quicker and more efficient, ensuring compliance.

Zurich has 2.4 million customers and with 3 million signed policies, has become the insurance company of 85% of IBEX companies.” We are proud that Zurich, a global provider of general and life insurance products and services entrusted us for an important and sensitive area for its business.” says Sisco Sapena Lleida.net CEO.

This agreement is framed under our policy of focusing on financial and insurance sector as one of the priorities in the company’s growth strategy.

Take advantage of our solutions even in summer. And whether you belong to the financial sector or not, but you want to enhance customer service, feel free to visit our webpage or to contact us in winter, autumn, spring and of course, summer…

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