qué es la autenticación de doble factor

Two-factor authentication: what it is, how to use it and where it can be used

Do you want your customers to be confident when they do business with you? We are all used to being prompted for a username and password when we log on to a website, but this identification method is not risk-free, and many companies have suffered cyber-attacks that have jeopardised the security of thousands of customers. Two-factor authentication can be used for additional security. In this post, we tell you what it consists of, how it is used and in what cases it can be used.

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video identificación de personas con kyc

Risks (and solutions) in people identification processes

Technology has come a long way in recent years, and while this is generally a benefit, it also brings with it the appearance of digital risks. Many cases of known and not so well-known people have seen their identity being impersonated on social networks or how fake videos were created in which they made statements that they had never made. This is what is known as deepfake. In this post, we tell you about what risks can arise in people identification processes or customers for your company and how they can be solved.

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correo electrónico certificado como prueba en un juicio

Registered email is valid as evidence

Many email communications with other companies, customers, suppliers and others are currently being made in companies. In some cases, the information being transmitted is essential, and it is interesting to know if the other party has received and read the mail. Registered email is used to be certain, but a question arises: Is Registered email valid as evidence in a trial? We clear off your doubts.

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