What is a reliable notification, and how to notify digitally

In many cases, given the relevance of the notification to be made, it is essential to make a reliable notification. In this post, we tell you what it is and how to do it digitally so that you do not make any mistakes and so that your notification can be used as evidence in a court of law.

What is reliable notification?

A reliable notification is effective when there is evidence that the recipient has received it, as well as the date it was received. For a long time, two forms of reliable notification have existed in Spain

  • Burofax It is a Post Office service whereby communication is sent to a person, and the Post Office issues an acknowledgement of receipt that proves receipt (if any) and the date of receipt. It raises several concerns, such as the need to go in person to a post office or the fact that the recipient is not located and that it costs about 13 euros.
  • Notarial notification. The notification is performed by a Notary so that fees are charged in its favour, and it will be necessary to go to the notary’s office to sign the request.

Therefore, these two means of reliable notification are both time, effort and money consuming. Nevertheless, the digitization of communications has led to the birth of a new method for reliable notifications in a fast, reliable, secure and low-cost way: registered email.

Is registered email a reliable notification?

Yes, the answer is yes because registered email allows you to prove the moment it is sent, the moment it is received, where it was sent from, where it was received, and the content of the communication.

The benefits of registered email for reliable notification are as follows:

  • It is easy to send because you will have to send the mail as you usually do and add the email address of a trusted service provider such as Lleida.net in the copy (CC) field of the mail.
  • It is legally valid and can be used as evidence in a trial. In fact, its validity has been recognized in several judicial sentences
  • It is cheaper than a burofax since the cost of a registered email is 95% less than the cost of a burofax. With Lleida net you can send a message for 1 euro up to 5 MB to one recipient, and you will only pay per use
  • The documentary evidence is generated when the communication is made and includes all the electronic evidence of the communication, which is kept for five years
  • Registered email can be sent from anywhere, at any time and from any device: mobile phone, tablet or computer.
  • It is a speedy system as it only takes a few seconds to mail and,  it is only necessary to include Lleida.net in the carbon copy.
  • Finally, it is not required to install any application or software to send the email.

What can registered email be used for?

Registered email can be used for several transactions that require greater reliability in proving that the communication has been made:

  • Invoice payment claim. When a client has an outstanding invoice, and after friendly reminders by phone calls or meetings, he has not made any payment, it is time for you to claim your invoice in a reliable way to avoid the expiry of the prescription term that would prevent you from legally claiming the payment.
  • Demand outstanding rent If you have a rental apartment or business property and your tenant does not pay the rent, it is necessary that you give a reliable notice to claim the payment before taking legal action to evict the tenant.
  • Notifications to employees. Many communications between employers and employees must be irrefutable, such as a dismissal, a notice of sick leave, notifications of personnel schedules or termination of an employment contract, amongst others.
  • Notifications regarding contracts. Lease contracts, utility contracts and many other contracts sometimes require reliable notices to notify that the tenant is leaving the premises, that the monthly rent is to be updated, that the agreement is terminated, or property taxes are to be charged.
  • Notifications in healthcare. In the Healthcare Sector, reliable notifications by registered email can also be used to send analysis results, to confirm a medical visit, etc.

As you have seen, amongst the existing methods for electronic notifications, registered email is among the most effective for making reliable notifications, since its potential is tremendous and provides a high level of reliability in communications, while avoiding the travel expenses, the cost of burofax services from the Post Office or a Notary Public and the time required to do it.

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