Reduce, Reuse and Recycle: Registered e-communications

Over the past few weeks we have been talking about paper, its history and its life cycle. On the other hand, we have been talking about registered e-communications as its greener counterpart, even when we need a document to be signed or stamped for compliance reasons, for example. Using registered e-communications instead of paper can have …

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Where efforts, dreams, goals and results live

For my working mates six months have gone since their last Christmas working sessions, but for me this was my “first time”. Last Friday, team held our biannual working sessions where all of us present our working achievements during the last six months and where we share our goals for the incoming ones. …

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On the ground in Paraguay

Last July 20, I had the chance to participate together with our partners from Certidok in Digidok coming out, the company commercializing our services in Paraguay. The event was hold in Sheraton Asuncion Hotel where we explained the audience origins and how registered electronic communications were born. Digidok is going to make use of …

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