On the ground in Paraguay

Last July 20, I had the chance to participate together with our partners from Certidok in Digidok coming out, the company commercializing our services in Paraguay. The event was hold in Sheraton Asuncion Hotel where we explained the audience Lleida.net origins and how registered electronic communications were born. Digidok is going to make use of messaging certification technologies to help Paraguayan companies to take the most of the innovation and emerging digital transformation.

The event was introduced by Raul Vega  and  was attended by Dario Leiserovic, representative of Certidok -Digidok and Rodolfo G. Vouga, from Vouga law firm, explained the total effect and validity of registered electronic communications in Paraguay. Lastly, the event ended with a cocktail reception for those attending, so we could all talk animatedly about the novelty.

Now we are present in 18 countries spread across Europe, Asia and America global presence

I would like to thank most sincerely for the consideration and for the affability received both in Paraguay and in Uruguay.

But, we will leave that for another time… 😉

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