Reduce, Reuse and Recycle: Registered e-communications

cisne1Over the past few weeks we have been talking about paper, its history and its life cycle. On the other hand, we have been talking about registered e-communications as its greener counterpart, even when we need a document to be signed or stamped for compliance reasons, for example.

Using registered e-communications instead of paper can have a positive impact on cost-effectiveness. However, rocketing paper and printing costs are not the only good reason to go paperless. When making the decision of going paperless, companies are also well aware of the importance of back-office management, efficiency, improved processes and productivity, but also environmental and sustainability issues.

Therefore, corporate policies aimed at reducing paper use, reusing and recycling paper are always a smart decision, while going completely paperless is actually a priority for many companies nowadays: registered e-communications are a key solution for documents such as invoices, contracts or notifications to remain fully valid and compliant.

Meanwhile, we are giving paper a second opportunity in our origami workshops.


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