Worldwide networking from Bangkok at WAS#2 attended GSMA WAS event on October 19-22 in Bangkok, Thailand.

The Wholesale Agreements and Solutions Group (WAS) is responsible for Operator-to-Operator and Operator-to-Hub interoperability (including Interworking and Roaming) to provide GSMA members with a consistent, reliable GSM service for members to offer their customers.

Among other issues, the event dealt with A2P SMS traffic and the comparative architecture of the LBO (Local Break out) versus S8 Home Routing for VoLTE technology

As per A2P traffic, one of the major concerns operators have is how to monetize their traffic and how to differentiate the A2P traffic from SPAM. Currently, part of their traffic is received in an “unofficial manner, and thus there is no revenue opportunity

Tackling the issues of finding ways to formalize the delivery to the final user, ensuring high quality delivery and getting revenue for the operator was also among the urgent subject for debate. Finding a filter to accurately differentiate “real “messages from Spam was a big concern during the event.

Currently, A2P traffic is having great importance because of the content of the SMS, authorization and/or PIN codes, alarms, electronic ticket information, notification and confirmation services, appointment reminders, etc.

For this reason, it is important to normalize the traffic to protect users and to know which SMS must have a high quality of delivery to provide a proper service, in this event, not only took the opportunity to take part in the conference, but also to make new interconnection agreements with operators as well as to upgrade the existing agreements.

These agreements are of great importance to further expand the existing network infrastructure of, so we can continue to provide a comprehensive coverage of all services, both SMS and registered electronic communications.

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