Sending a registered email and receiving the acknowledgement without having to physically go to the Post office

We interviewed Rosa Agustí Roca, H.R. and Legal Affairs Manager at Romero Polo main office. We asked her a few questions about  the digitization of their  business processes. – What is Romero Polo main business?

Rosa Agustí – Grupo Romero Polo is a national family business founded by José Antonio Romero Polo in 1984. The company brings together several activities related to the building sector and provides comprehensive service and maintenance work both to public and private organizations. How long have you been using services?

Rosa Agustí – We started using services in March 2014. Rosa Agustí -Initially we raise the possibility of replacing the sending of registered letters when dealing legal issues, for example unpaid bills, claims…

For us it is very practical and comfortable sending a registered email from the office , and receiving the acknowledgement without having to physically go to the Post office. Besides, it is grossly underpriced

Lately we have adopted Stamphoto, the definitely app to prove the execution and/or finalization of works. – What are Stamphoto main benefits?

Rosa Agusti.-Thanks to this app, the public notary does not have to be in situ to reduce to writing. We took the photos and both time and location is thus certified. – Is it easy to use?

Rosa Agusti – An app with an extremely intuitive user interface. Simply download it and start taking registered photos. – Is helping in the company’s digital transformation?

Rosa Agustí – It is very important for us to implement services fitting into the digitization of our business processes. In this light, with Stamphoto and registered electronic communications are key players for transforming internal processes giving us security and efficiency.

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