Working mums, how do you make it all work? (1/2)

I am here today to talk a little bit about  Mother’s Day, which in Spain is celebrated on the first Sunday of May .The celebration is observed in many countries and on various days, traditions vary depending on the country. The “mother”  (today more than ever) company is based in Spain, so I pick up 5/5 (which was yesterday) to have the perfect pretext talk about it.

Mothers: those who take care of us, who feed us, who raise us, who deal with temper tantrums, who tell us not to “because it is not good for us, who guide us, who will see us parading with school paper -made costumes, who help us when we need it, who kiss us good night and who scare off the monster of the cold and the one living under the bed, who tell us to clean our messy- rooms…

What would we do without them?

Not only do they work at home but  also outside the home: full-time, part-time, “home office” … There is never a day that goes by when I ask myself: working mothers, how can you do you make it all work?

I am a girl, and therefore I may have children in the future. Never stop questioning lead me to intense curiosity, fear and to many, many question… , so I  met with some working mums in to discuss about their experiences; Andrea Chordi, Chief HR Officer, Beatriz García, Head of Interconnection officer, Eugenia Martos, translator and part of the team at  Business Development Department and Olga Sobera, part of the team at Customer Service Department.

Eugenia, were you a mum when  you joined What was the biggest working change you remember ?

Unfortunately, the happiest moment of a woman can sometimes become the end of her working life. When I joined this team, my children were 5 and 3. Until then I enjoyed a “work-life balance”, juggling motherhood with my career. When I decided to make the leap to, one of my biggest concerns  was to combine work with motherhood without sacrificing any of the two most important roles in my life. Fortunately for my children and me, there was no need, on the contrary. My children and my work grew with me, I grew with them and the company with us.

I did not miss a school tutoring, or a stage performance, I was by their side when they were sick, when they were happy, when they left school and came running to hug me (even today I still do not know if they were happy to see me or the snack), to say goodbye to them when leaving for a school trip, when life felt overwhelming because they did not get a birthday party invitation card, when they lost their  first tooth ….

At that time, the CEO of said that we were an unusual company …. “Long life to all unusual companies”

To be continued ….

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