Who am I?, asked the wolf

In the original version, Little Red Riding Hood is actually eaten by the wolf. Subsequent stories, in contrast, have spared Little Red Riding Hood and come to her rescue in various guises-as her father, a hunter or a woodcutter.

In our particular version Little Riding Hood is a young smart woman working as a sales agent and no one teases her.

However, the wolf, Mr. Con Man has not changed. The old-fashioned ways of doing things have vanished, therefore he has just adapted to modern times, scamming, teasing and cheating people over the internet. He is slick, sophisticated and scary.

email_ENv1Mr. Con Man has attempted to cheat Red Riding Hood pretending to be someone else. He tried unsuccessfully to use a fake identity card  Little Red Riding Hood’s company has integrated a tool for detecting whether identity cards, passports or driving licences provided by customers are valid  That is how Little Red Riding Hood detected Mr. Con Man sending her a fake ID.

But the wolf does not give up easily, so he tried it once again, this time he sent a stolen ID. On this occasion the fact that the email was certified, made getting the thief easier.

Little Red Riding Hood is really happy and satisfied with this new tool. Up to 82% of identity fraud is detected either by deterrence or because the fraudster is caught.

Mr. Con Man will probably spend a few weeks in jail, poor big bad wolf!

Go through Mr. Con Man’s dirty tricks and decide on his own fate.


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