“We have found out how powerful the SMS is”. Joaquín Galí, Eurona Telecom Director

Telecommunications Operator providing internet services, fixed and mobile phone connections in rural and urban areas.
Telecommunications Operator providing internet services, fixed and mobile phone connections in rural and urban areas.

We have long wanted to discuss with Joaquín Galí, Eurona Telecom Managing Director who welcomes us at the headquarters of the telecommunications company. “It’s going to be the last (or second to last) interview in this office” -comments Mrs Fe Gomez Marketing Manager,”since we are moving to another within the same area in Cornella de Llobregat, Barcelona.”

Joaquin Galí welcomes us and we start the interview.

Lleida.net- What is Eurona?

Joaquin Galí- Eurona is a Telecommunications Operator providing internet services, fixed and mobile phone connections in rural and urban areas. We make use of different technologies to be able to reach in the most effective manner, each and every before mentioned areas.

We are present throughout Europe, in the UK, Ireland, Italy America, Peru, and we are developing our activity together without subsidiary Kubi Wireless in Mexico, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Jamaica and Miami.

Lleida.net- Where did the idea of focusing on rural and urban areas emerged from?

J. Galí- The beginnings of our company were as a public engineering service. From 2000 to 2005-2006 a period in which public administrations (at a local level) were interested in investing in public internet access networks.  We specialized in wireless access networks, wireless, Wi-Fi, different types of technologies, and we expertise in deployment of wireless networks. We evolved as engineering, we grew, and we became aware that not only building and delivering networks were possible, but also exploiting them. That is how Eurona was born as global operator in urban and rural areas.

Lleida.net- What are Eurona next challenges?

J. Galí- Eurona is facing two big challenges. The first one is to consolidate our activity in Spain, where we were born, and grew up. Quality being as always our flagship

The second one, the international environment. Now we want to succeed in our activity developing our business model internationally.

Lleida.net- Which services are you currently using with us?

J. Galí- However paradoxical it may seem, because it is considered an old technology, we rely on SMS.

Nowadays, mobile phones are glued to our hands; we are always online so mobiles are the path to directly reach our customers. Our customers do have internet, but they are increasingly connecting through their smartphones. We have found out how powerful is the SMS when dealing with customers.

For example, we notify in advance their billing invoices. We have integrated SMS within our CRM for marketing campaigns.

We are using SMS also as a very effective way to notify outstanding. We just inform the client there is a payment pending or returned by the bank, and we warn the service will be cut off.

In the coming days, we are going to develop a very interesting service. We are going to communicate the new payment standards in Europe (SEPA). The SMS becomes a legally means of warning which allows us to follow the norm being at the same time fully effective for us.

Lleida.net- What do you think of LLeida.net services?

J. Galí- Perfect. Very simple though extremely effective. It is being developed in highly professional conditions. The added value is its own effectiveness

Lleida.net- Is Eurona – Lleida-net a good business model?

J. Galí- Lleida.net is for us a small provider compared to those providing us connectivity, bandwidth or satellite internet connection, but a big one when talking about communication and customer service. Throughout our relationship with the customer we have discovered that a simple, economical and fast communication by SMS is making our relation with the customer extremely effective.

Lleida.net- Is there any suggestion to us, anything to improve?

J. Galí- There is always room for improvement. And it is the responsibilities of both parties.

Lleida.net has the challenge to consolidate a service that might be considered as old-fashioned, in some sectors, though it is a service to be exploited since it has a great target market.

Moreover, we encourage you to develop applications to be integrated into customer’s systems thus providing agility to their processes.

Lleida.net- We shall bear that in mind. And not to forget registered SMS, the lifelong message but now with legal validity. Registered SMS and value added service for SEPA emandates for example

Thanks so much for sharing your time with us and for the interesting chat.

J. Galí- Thank you for thinking of us.

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