What are qualified trust services?

Internet evolution has made digitalisation grow a lot, but the rise of new online frauds has accompanied this development, so security is a must, and trust services are there to guarantee security. In this post, we tell you about what they are and what they do.

About Trust Services

Trust services are defined in article 3.16 eIDAS Regulation, stating that they are electronic services provided in return for compensation and that they consist of the following:

  • Creating, verifying and validating electronic signatures, electronic seals or time-stamps, registered electronic delivery services and certificates related to these services.
  • Creating, verifying and validating certificates for website authentication.
  • Storage of electronic signatures, seals or certificates relating to these services.

On the other hand, the same provision provides several important definitions about the provision of trust services, such as the following:

  • Qualified trust service This is a trusted service that complies with the requirements set out in the eIDAS Regulation.
  • Trusted service providers. Individuals or legal bodies provide one or more services as qualified or non-qualified service providers.
  • Qualified trust service provider. A qualified service provider which the supervisory body has granted such a qualification

Where do trust electronic service providers operate?

Some of the most relevant services that qualified electronic trust service providers provide are the following:

  • Electronic identity. Correct authentication of an individual when performing an electronic transaction is critical. For example, in electronic customer onboarding processes, it is crucial to know who is the person who wants to contract a service and who is on the other side of the screen. At Lleida.net, we provide the eKYC Video service whereby identity validation is carried out reliably. The company and the client record a real-time video through the service of a trusted service provider. The client shows the front and back of their ID card, and, using Artificial Intelligence technology, the client’s image on the screen is compared with the ID photo for identification purposes.
  • Electronic contracting. Nowadays, it is increasingly popular to sign contracts electronically through electronic signatures. It is not just about signing a contract and scanning it but using the services of trusted electronic service providers to identify the signatories securely and unambiguously and to obtain a time-stamp to ensure that the signed document has not been tampered with once it has been signed. Furthermore, Trusted Service Provider deployment allows obtaining documentary evidence with all the details of the signature process (who has signed, email addresses, mobile phone numbers, IPs, signed document, date and time, etc.).
  • Electronic communications. Electronic communications have become commonplace in the daily business routine of companies; however, some cases may require a reliable notification, i.e. proof that the recipient has received and read the communication. Therefore, trusted electronic service providers offer services such as registered email or registered SMS as evidence in court.
  • Custody of documents for electronic signatures and communications. Electronic signature and communication procedures generate a set of data, embodied in time-stamped and documentary evidence, which trusted electronic service providers safeguard. In Lleida.net, this documentation is stored for five years and protected to guarantee the confidentiality and availability of the information so that the client can access it at any time and download it.

Benefits of Trusted e-Service Providers?

Some of the benefits of trusted electronic service providers include the following:

  • Legally certainty. A record of the transactions and communications are carried out.
  • Evidence in legal proceedings. Contracts signed with an electronic signature or communications via email or registered SMS can be used as evidence in legal proceedings.
  • User-friendly These are services that are easy to use, and no application download is required. Pay per use
  • Caring for the environment. Electronic trust services are environmentally friendly, as there is no need to travel, no paper is used, and no electricity is required.

In short, the contribution of electronic trust service providers, such as Lleida.net, is essential to obtain the necessary security in electronic transactions and communications of any company.

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