Vintage Christmas, Christmas by SMS

Vintage is really cool. Ironically vintage is the new modern. Faced with the immediacy and coldness of modernity, of digital intangibles, of cheap plastic-based imitations, everything that smells handicrafts have been revalued, from antiques to warm and unique fabrics. While streaming music is booming, and we have music falling out of our pockets, the warm sound of vinyl and getting up from the sofa to turn the record is coming back. Polaroid cameras , photo printing Lomography with its typical range errors, green and red glasses for 3D, those rusty chairs that bothered us so much in the storage room are also back. The armchairs of the grandparents’ are back, the jumpers with their reindeer hand-woven by our mothers for Christmas, the wallpapers with Victorian motifs, and the designs recovered from the tiles of old houses.

But Christmas was vintage long before the word vintage came into existence. The traditional Christmas decoration is full of handicrafts, wood, iron, and wool. Objects that evoke times that most of us have not lived through. We could almost say that nowadays, writing postcards, buying a stamp and putting them in a mailbox has become a vintage fact and maybe it’s the only time a year we do it.

Let’s go back a few years, but not so many as to earn the qualification of vintage and remember those minutes before midnight on 24 and 31December , when we were about to congratulate friends and family by SMS, all determined to believe that our messages were going to bravely dodge the collapses of the networks and believing that we were sending them before anyone else. Neither the improvement of technologies, nor the emergence of other communication systems prevents, for now, that when a few million people in the same area want to send a “hello” at the same time, things fall, call it what you will; WhatsApp, Facebook , or Skynet.

So why not try SMS text messaging again? We will achieve that distinctive touch that the fact of being a minority gives, pleasant memories will be awakened, and we will surely receive an almost immediate response. And if you send it from our user portal, you can even schedule them, and so you can contemplate with a mocking laugh how the rest of your friends move away from the nougat and the conversation for a few minutes and , smartphone in hand, send the prescribed Whatsapp.

If you have come this far, you are probably convinced and this year you will send your greetings by SMS. And since we are on the subject, and trying to be original, why not send a little ASCII art (images drawn using standard characters)? To the originality and surprise effect of the SMS we would add a unique and uncompromising quality . We leave you a couple of examples at the end of the post, you just have to make a copy and paste in tools, with the drawing already made and leaving enough free characters to be able to write the greeting. Keep in mind that if you send them from Tools you have to change the spaces to ‘.’ Or to some other symbol and you have to quadruple the backslash (\).

Are you looking for an original greeting? Send them by SMS text messaging!

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