Last week, the NGO Rowing Together received a significant donation from a new mobile for coordination at field for the  Suzanne project.

Rowing Together is a Spanish NGO that took its first steps providing medical assistance with basic means and an ambulance, touring the refugee camps in northern Greece.

Since 2018, it is  focused on offering gynaecological and obstetric assistance to women in the Moria refugee camp, which is located on the island of Lesbos.  At  this clinic, between 30 and 40 women  are treated daily: follow-up in pregnancy, contraceptives, advice and resolution of doubts about their health, infections, sexual violence cases and all kinds of gynaecological problems

A few weeks ago, the mobile phone for project coordination started to fail, and donated a new device to replace it almost instantly.

All this project and all these women entail, not only a detailed, attentive and individualized care work, but a work that is not visible to the naked eye: a necessary technical support through which contact is made with new and upcoming volunteers, place order for pharmacy and material for the hospital relations with other NGOs, coordination meetings and endless paperwork.

From the hospital in Moria, we can only be grateful to with all our love for their unconditional support and their quick interest in trying to improve communication in any field, valuing very positively their involvement in this socio-health project we are engaged in.


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