Registered e-communications land in Uruguay; legal certifications in real time electronic communications arrive in Uruguay with a new partner: Certidok. Certidok is going to market all registered electronic communication services in the country.

On Wednesday, May 28th  registered electronic communications were introduced in Uruguay.

The event, held at the Teatro Solis de Montevideo, and presented by Mr. Dario Leiserovic, Certidok Director, Mr.Sisco Sapena CEO and Mrs Giovanna Lorenzi, lawyer at KPMG Law.

In the brief, they offered a detailed explanation on how this type of communications will affect Uruguay: signing contracts on the move, sending acknowledgement telegrams, notarial certified deed, casualties’ records, and documentary evidence to support the law of corporate criminal liability.

They also pointed out registered electronic communications legal framework in Uruguay, (Law 18.600,) Legally speaking, both registered SMS and registered e-mail represent documentary evidence As such; it is subject to the general scheme of all means of documentary evidence presented at trial (articles 165 to 176 of the CGP).

Certidok proposals involve revolutionizing Uruguayans customs and usages through the incorporation of new technologies.


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