“We no longer use classic Burofax notifications”

Presidence, luxury real estate in Madrid
Presidence, luxury real estate in Madrid

Attention agility and security must be present in any international customer service. And Presidence is fully aware of it.

Mr. Alberto M Muñoz, Presidence CEO talks about his company and what the company is focused on.

Alberto M Muñoz. – We are a luxury real estate. We provide rental and sales luxury properties in Madrid to national and international customers.

Alberto M. Muñoz, Presidence CEO
Alberto M. Muñoz, Presidence CEO

Lleida.net- Which services are you currently using with us?

Alberto M. Muñoz-. Basically, registered e-mail contract since our international customers need to sign contracts from a distance and fully legally binding. And Lleida.net offers us exactly what our customers are looking for.

Lleida.net- What processes have been replaced with the integration of these services?

Alberto M Muñoz-. Since we are using registered electronic communications, we no longer use classic Burofax notifications.

Lleida.net- What benefits do these services provide you?

Alberto M. Muñoz- Benefits are clear: direct cost and time savings. Not to forget the legal added value, Lleida.net offers a trusted third party in the communications’ arena.

Lleida.net- Have you got any specific feedback from your customers on the services you offer?  What is their overall impression?

Alberto M. Muñoz- We have had an incredible response from customers, a very highly positive one. Our customers feel we care about them; we stress the legal value of our services that helps us to create a relationship of trust and positive professional image.

Lleida.net- How was the implementation of the services?

Alberto M. Muñoz- Integrating Lleida.net services have been easy and fast, almost a piece of cake. Something to be grateful, especially nowadays that time is money.

Lleida.net- Finally, Could you give us a final evaluation?

Alberto M. Muñoz- More than positive, Lleida.net services is the suit that fits the services Presidence offers its customers.

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