Lleida.net summer sessions

It’s been 6 months since our last work sessions.” Who’d’ve thought it!”.
Beyond individual goals we further improve internal communication and, with it, the interdepartmental management.
Over the two days of the work sessions , we also enjoyed some specific training and leisure .

On the first day, each department shared with all of us their achievements over the last 6 months and their goals for the upcoming ones.
The specific training was given on the second and last day by Mr Marc Gallardo ,Lexing Spain Business Lawyer and his speech was  focused on registered electronic communications and e-signature legal issues.
Once the training was over, we enjoyed an unbelievable funny karting session.
The race was intense as well as on an extremely hot summer day ( we were reaching 37Cº)
And it was our Technical department who took the three podium positions
Few were surprised to see Jordi, Abdón and José taking to the winners’ podium , since they are a highly trained team, and they can expertly handle the most complex bug and the tightest race.
And to top it off, we enjoyed a summer night dinner where the rookies and the most organized worker were gifted.

Have a nice summer!

Some of us

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