Lleida.net, a year in review

In its process of internationalization Lleida.net is present nine different countries, namely: Chile, India, Colombia, Brazil, Great Britain, Japan, United States, France and Dominican Republic

It is important to highlight that all the openings have been adapted to the particularities of each country. Going hand in hand with local partners furnishing their knowledge of the country has been the chosen formula.

This is so in, Chile, Brazil and Colombia where trading corporations compliance to their legal systems were set up, while business offices were opened in Santiago, Sao Paulo and Bogotá.

Within this strategy, New Delhi and Santo Domingo are also included.

On the other hand, Lleida.net has strengthened its presence in the USA and UK. In London office a new person has joined the team, and she is also responsible for the European market. In the USA a new business office has been opened, thus reinforcing the presence they already had in Miami.

Thanks to in-house infrastructure new setup in a Paris nearby data processing centre, Lleida.net business commercial activity and service quality in Europe have been consolidated.

And finally, Japan and together with AOS Legal Technologies, a Japanese leader company in legal technologies and computer forensics. The agreement signed between the two companies includes the exclusive distribution of Lleida.net registered electronic communications services in Japan.

Adapting the above mentioned products and business models both from a technology and a business perspective to the peculiarities of Japanese market, have been a hit for both companies (visit site).

All this international global process it is not just openings in a hurry, it would have not been possible without interconnections agreements carried out with worldwide telecom operators. To date, Lleida.net is proud to offer almost 100% coverage thanks to 200 agreements. As a result, and just to mention some, Lleida.net manages part of the SMS traffic from China to Spain as well as most of the traffic from Colombia , Paraguay, Bolivia and Argentina to/from  Spain. Lleida.net also provides registered electronic services on a worldwide basis.

For the upcoming year it is expected to achieve benefits in the UK, France, Japan and the United States and for the remaining countries the expectation are planned for the midterm.

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