About our in-house work sessions

Last week we enjoyed from our in-house biannual work sessions. As in previous ones we started by reviewing the achievements made by every department, and we settled next year ones. And beyond individual goals we further improve internal communication and, with it, the interdepartmental management.

We also do some internal training; it is not always easy to understand the technical issues beyond the services we provide. So the Technical Department made an effort to bring the developments and innovations they are working with, closer to us.

And what better way to celebrate all our hard work than to party! First a go-kart racing session where some showed their driving skills and only a few took the podium. And to top it off, we enjoyed a superb traditional Catalan dinner with giant spring onions, snails and grilled meat.

So, we are going onwards with the energy recovered for next terms.

Calçots Masia Salat

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