Christmas cards or e-cards? That is the question.

It is well known that electronic communications, either registered or unregistered, help to reduce the use of paper. They allow notifications to reach destination fast, despite geographical distances, and paperless. That is why we chose go paperless as one of our slogans Last summer, under this context, we encourage you to find alternative uses to paper by making some origami and #gopaperless.

However, mulling over the matter, we learned that one thing were our day-to day written communications; invoices, contracts, and on the flip side those for special occasions,… those hand-addressing cards and letters the postman once used to leave in our mailbox and brightened our day.

And we thought;   “We got it, we love that whatever is in the envelope was created, written and sent just for us: love letters, dating reminders, letters to Santa…

Cleared up our doubts, we got on with it and finally made up our minds.”Tis the season, we are going to send handwritten Christmas cards and by snail mail”.

We signed two thousand and two Christmas cards, for our clients and friends,  because we wanted to make them feel special and showing them our affection, is worth it.

Merry Christmas!

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