Going paperless; less paperwork, more efficiency

All companies face a significant challenge to work efficiently and without errors; however, paper is still used for many tasks. This post tells you the procedures with the electronic signature that can be done and how you can go towards a future with less paperwork to liven up day-to-day management.

What problems may arise from paper-based document procedures?

From human resources to the financial department, many procedures are carried out on paper that could be digitized. However, these manual procedures carry out some problems as:

Delays in the completion of procedures. Non-digital management takes more time than digital ones. For example, the signature of a contract requires the signatories to be face-to-face, the printing of documents, and the document’s sending from one party to another. . Delays may occur if the two people cannot meet on the same day, a document is lost, or has to be signed by several people one after the other.

– Increase in spending. The entire process of manually signing a document requires time and resources (paper, ink, petrol for transportation, etc.).

– Difficulties in finding the documentation. The physical filing of documents is one of the fundamental problems of companies. A document is saved and later not remembered where, so it takes much time to find it. In this sense, according to a study carried out by the IDC consultancy, lawyers and legal professionals lose an average of 2.3 hours a week searching, without finding, the appropriate documents.

– Missing, lost documents. Sometimes, the parties who sign a document cannot meet physically because they live in different countries. Therefore, the document must be sent by post or courier with the risk that it may be lost and never reach the final destination.

Solution: electronic signature to sign documents

The electronic signature provides benefits that solve the problems before mentioned. In addition, an electronic signature contributes to:

– Cutting out the paper. Going paperless help save resources, protect nature, and promote your company’s corporate social responsibility.

– Peace of mind. Reduce the chaos of paperwork, the fear of losing something important.

– No need for physical presence. With the electronic signature, it does not matter if the parties to a contract are in different countries; they can sign comfortably from wherever they are and at any time with a device (mobile, pc or tablet) connected to the internet.

– Enhanced security. A handwritten signature can be forged and manipulated; however, an electronic signature provides greater security since it guarantees the identification of the signatories and the originality of the signed document, among other aspects.

– Increased efficiency. All the above means that the procedures with the electronic signature mean less time spent on clerical work, thus saving time and money.

What documents can be signed electronically?

You will indeed wonder what procedures can be carried out with the electronic signature; we will tell you about them below:

Contracts. You will probably have to sign several contracts such as the sale of products or services with clients, rental of premises or offices, vehicle rental, contracts with suppliers or employment contracts, among others. All these contracts can be signed with the advanced electronic signature to guarantee greater agility and security.

Authorizations. Many companies need the signature of authorizations, and with the digital signature, it can be done at the moment. In the healthcare sector, authorizations are also used to give informed consent to treatments, surgeries or tests.

Confidentiality or NDAs. Confidentiality agreements are signed between companies, suppliers and workers. The electronic signature eases the signature at the moment and speeds up many procedures.

Payroll, letters and warnings. The electronic signature also has several uses in human resources departments, such as signing payroll, letters, or job offers.

As you have seen, in Lleida.net, the electronic signature provides numerous advantages to companies and boosts the digital transformation of the business.

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