Factors to consider when choosing an electronic signature provider

The use of electronic signatures by companies has steadily increased. In fact, according to our data, if we compare December 2019 with December 2020, there has been an increase of over 600%. However, the question that arises is what we should consider when choosing an electronic signature provider. In this post, we give you all the details to make the best choice.

Steps to choose an electronic signature provider

Since no two businesses are alike, the choice of an electronic signature provider should the following steps:

Determine why you are going to use an electronic signature. It is important that, before starting to select an electronic signature provider, you make clear why you are going to use the electronic signature for, that is, the processes your company is going to implement. Thus, you will know what type of electronic signature you need and what level of security is the best for each case.

– Analyse the legal aspects. The electronic signature provider must comply with some requirements:

o It must be a trusted service provider, based on the provisions of the eIDAS  Regulation.

The provider must generate a PDF documentary evidence, collecting evidence about the signature, data on emails, signed documents, technical annexes, etc. In addition, the documentary evidence must be signed with a timestamp from a Certification Authority. Thus, it is guaranteed that the content has not been tampered with.

You should have available a certificate issued by external auditors who are independent experts.

– Ask whether the electronic signature solution integrates with CRM or ERP. The electronic signature provider must provide an API that allows the electronic signature tool to be integrated within your company’s CRM, ERP or mobile application.

– Pay per use. At Lleida.net, you pay only for what you use, no setup or monthly fees. Moreover, we give you the possibility to count the cost before using the electronic signature.

Verify that the electronic signature application is easy to use and customizable. An electronic signature should ease the transactions carried out in your company and the documents (both externally and internally). For this, it must be easy to use both to the company and the user. Moreover, it is important that you can customize various elements during the signature process:

Signature pages. Your company logo and corporate colour should come on the signature page.

In the emails sent to sign contracts, the logo and corporate colour must also be included.

Ask whether you must download any software. Ideally, the electronic signature provider should provide a solution that makes downloading software unnecessary so that the electronic signature can be used anywhere and anytime.

Analyse whether the signature process can be tracked. Sometimes the signature process can be complex since several people must sign the same document in an established order. In these cases, the electronic signature provider must provide you with the necessary technology to:

Control who has opened the email and who has signed.

Send notifications and reminders to the persons who have not yet signed.

Set up recipient signing order: in parallel (the recipients receive the document simultaneously and sign in any order) or sequentially (signers receive and sign the document in a particular order).

Verify that documents can be uploaded during the signature process and that they are safeguarded. For example, you will need a copy of the signatory ID for a signature of a work contract to upload these documents during the signature process. Therefore, the process is faster, and it helps increase customer satisfaction. In addition, the electronic signature provider must keep these documents for five years as set out by law.

Request the possibility of contracting additional services. As your business grows, you will need more technology solutions. Ask your electronic signature provider what they can offer you: Registered email or SMS, Registered email contract, eKYC Onboarding, etc.

As you have seen, choosing an electronic signature provider for your company is a task that requires verifying essential aspects so that the solution you choose fits your needs.

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