GALP embarks digital transformation

Raúl Tapias Herranz, ‎Sales Manager B2C , Galp Energia España explains how the digitization of the sales processes helps to achieve total control of the sale process.

Raul, what is your main job function in Galp Energia?

Raúl Tapias (A) – I am in charge of Residential Market in Galp Energia Gas&Power Division

Q –  What are your thoughts about current retail market?

A – For a domestic customer energy is just a generic product that is contracted primarily by need and by price. So energy companies need to stand out by offering service excellence to our clients Products such as maintenance of energy facilities or home assistance allow us to provide this added value.

Q – In a highly competitive market as yours, we guess a high priority must be given to the sales process.

A – Definitely, sales processes need to be transparent and reliable. Currently, we focus our sales processes to the less intrusive commercial channels. We want to generate the need and interest of the client in a friendly environment I am convinced the so-called sales aggressive attitudes are gradually disappearing

Q – What is your feeling about sales process digitalization? Does it constitute an improvement? Contributes to an increase in sales?

A- Undoubtedly. On the one hand, the digitization of the sales processes helps to achieve total control of the process. With no manual processing, the entire process is traceable. Thus minimizing errors and providing the highest quality service. Furthermore, by digitizing these processes we provide customers innovation and transparency. This contributes to greater confidence and also means customers choosing Galp Energia as their service providers.

Q – What does “digital transformation” mean to you?

A –  It is the step towards going paperless in all the operational processes both in the documents and in processing flows information.

Q – Is helping in this digital transformation?

A – A lot. Phone and postal communications with our customers have been replaced by registered electronic communications. The result: an increase in the effectiveness of communications and important savings in terms of time and paper.

Q – Could you explain us how is involved in your sales process?

A – Up until now the traditional sales process was made of paper contracts and call centre phone calls. Due to the latest Consumer Act, the customer needs to be informed beforehand about the contractual terms in a durable medium. solution allows our channels to send that information by Registered SMS with a link to read all the contractual terms.

Once the terms are accepted, the contract can be sealed according to the authorized channel. It can be done by registered communications (SMS and / or email) or as agree from the different departments.

Q –  Are you satisfied with the services ?

A – We are fully satisfied. The proposed solutions meet our needs. Moreover, team provided new variants which resulted in improved process performance.

Q-   What has services provided to Galp Energia?

Within a company it is difficult to have experts with global expertise in all the areas involved in this kind of services. I am referring to the legal, the technology, the development, quality areas,  etc. helps us to adapt and implement our ideas, providing solutions to the problems arising from each area.

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