lleida.net empresa de referencia según BBVA

Innovate is not easy task. To move a company forward is a difficult science. And to move it forward during 20 years requires lots of efforts. So receiving any acknowledgement definetely helps to maintain the enthusiasm required to be involved in any project.

A few days ago, BBVA published an  article  mentioning seven small Spanish businesses which have become benchmarks in their areas. The companies share a point in common; all have based their success in adapting their needs to different technological fields.

One of the companies mentioned is Lleida.net. Notable for providing digital solutions for an analog world. 20 years turning to digital business processes, as stated Sisco Sapena at the Market Open Ceremony, on 9 October 2015.

The other innovative companies mentioned in the post are Hawkers, El Ganso, Idealista, Habitissimo, Wallapop and IC Málaga.

Seven companies, all making use of the technology to achieve their goals.

May the force be with them! 🙂

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