Erasmus Mundus programme for enterpreneurs

Erasmus is an European business exchange programme. It provides practical and financial assistance to newly established or would-be entrepreneurs wishing to spend some time abroad with a host entrepreneur. Thanks to the programme, new or would-be entrepreneurs acquire the relevant skills for managing a small or medium-sized enterprise, and experienced businessmen or women gain fresh perspectives and international cooperation opportunities  The programme aims at the exchange of knowledge and experience, better networking possibilities across Europe and new commercial relations for European businesses.

Last Friday as part of the”Fira de Formacio Profesional i Treball” held in Lleida, Global Lleida presented this programme.

Manel Cervera, Chief Business development officer stresses on the external importance of this programme. “It suits to personality, he adds, as well as with our international spirit”.

On his side Oriol Oro, Global Managing Director, explained in depth the programme and highlighted all the benefits both business and the entrepreneur may get from this exchange, namely international contacts, capacity building, knowledge of working business models…

Oriol Oró Global Managing Director and Manel CerveraChief Business development officer
Oriol Oró Global Managing Director and Manel Cervera Chief Business development officer ,with the reporter

Mertxe Paris on her side, explained her experience in an editorial in Oxford. She stressed on how enriching was the experience and the importance of having everything ready before starting the adventure, and be really excited on the project. The result “I have expanded my portfolio contacts and  widen my business long term vision” Mertxe explains.

For knowing at first hand the experience of entrepreneurs increases our feeling of welcoming someone with an enthusiastic project and finding the thing they are most passionate about, so that we can learn together.

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