Press fast forward to speed up your contracts and get the chance to win a smartwatch

Closing deals need at least the consent of two people. This consent might be provided face to face, via e-mail, by telephone, by Registered e-mail, Registered SMS, using a PIN …

Certainly there are many ways, though just one way to sign fast, legally binding and economical all together at the same time.

Electronic contracting versus traditional means
Electronic contracting versus traditional means

By pressing the FF button for your contracts, you will become more agile, no matter where you might be, you will reduce your costs without losing the legal validity of the document. Registered SMS contract and Registered e-mail contract that is what pressing the fast-forward button to your contracts mean.

Win a Smartwatch and move to speed up your contracts:

sony-smartwatchFrom 23 April to 22 May 2014, all those who purchase registered messages through our web will have the chance to win a Smartwatch, an internet-connected gadget with a screen interface that’s designed to be worn on the wrist and that will do more than just tell the time, it will fast-forward your contracts.

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