Easy electronic contract: what is it about

Looking up to speed up your signature processes? For many years, the signing of a contract has been a long and cumbersome process where negotiations were carried out and the agreement was signed, for which the parties met to revise, sign, and print the contract. Remember? You can bring a breath of fresh air by using the electronic contract and hence boosting the digital transformation of your business.

What is an electronic contract?

An electronic contract is formalized by electronic means, so that the signatory parties acquire an obligation to comply with it and must mutually require compliance with the obligations.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought an overnight shift of mindset to companies who had to digitize their procedures and the contracts they signed with clients, workers, and providers. In this light, the use of the electronic contract has increased enormously since it allows companies to save time and focus on tasks that add value to their business.

Types of electronic contracts

We can differentiate several types of electronic contracts depending on:

  • Depending on how the declarations of will of the parties are issued there are:
    • Electronic contract. The parties statements to accept the contract are made by electronic means.
    • Mixed electronic contract. Here, electronic, and physical means are combined.
  • Depending on the how it is paid, we can make a distinction between:
    • Electronic contract with electronic payment. For example, credit card or virtual money.
    • Electronic contract with face-to-face payment. The payment is made by cash or check.
  • Depending on who the contractor is:
    • Consumer Electronic contract. When one party is a consumer.
    • Electronic contract between companies. As the name suggests both parties are business organizations.
  • Depending on the form of the contract:
    • Direct electronic contract. Here you buy something you enjoy immediately. For example, a movie on a streaming platform.
    • Indirect electronic contract. Here, it is not possible to enjoy the product immediately, a piece of clothing or a book, for example.

Benefits of the electronic contract

The electronic contract brings numerous advantages to the parties that sign it. We could highlight the following:

  • It is easy to use. The proposal is sent from your regular email.
  • It is clear. As a sender you can have the documentary evidence that your message has been delivered.
  • It is economic. Energy and other resources are saved.
  • There are no intermediaries. There is only one interaction between the issuer and the trusted service provider.
  • It has legal validity. When you send an electronic communication, you receive a documentary evidence signed with a time stamp attesting the content and the date of the communication.

In this sense, we highlight the comments of Macarena Campos, Bio-Cord Marketing Director, who has been used the Lleida.net electronic contract for years: Lleida.net gives us peace of mind and the guarantee that parents verify the contracting of our services in a simple and above all, safe and with legal validity. Registered email contract helps us streamline procedures digitize procedures, ease processes both to us and to our customers, so we can devote more time to focus on the tasks.

Steps to sign an electronic contract

The process of signing an electronic contract with Lleida.net is very simple:

  • Write in the “To” field of your email application the registered email address that we will provide you.
  • In the subject line, enter the email address of the person you want to send the email to, then leave a space and write the subject of the message.
  • Write the text of the message, attach the contract, and click on send.
  • Finally, you will receive an email saying that Lleida.net servers are processing the sending. When the recipient of the email answers, we will send you a document with the answer and the electronic contract will be issued.

Furthermore, for example, if you would like to modify the clauses of an already signed contract or add new clauses, it is not necessary to sign a new contract, you can send an email or SMS with the new clauses.

As you have seen, the electronic contract is a step forward in the digital transformation of your company and helps to differentiate yourself from your competitors and to better serve your customers.


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