At some time in the near future, how shall we be able to reach the client?

Xavier Berneda, Managing Director at Munich fitted us in his agenda to discuss about company, the challenges and services.

MUNICH was born in 1939 designing and producing technical sport shoes as football, handball or boxing. In recent years, the firm has achieved a privileged place in the realm of street wear and has obtained an important growth and consolidation both on the national and international market. Through the years, MUNICH has extended it fame, and the unmistakable X, marked in each shoe, is not only a registered trademark in more than 40 countries, it has also turned in a sign of prestige and leadership

Munich’s offices are located at Poble Nou, an extensive neighbourhood of Barcelona and, decorated as would be expected, with sneakers everywhere.

Surrounded by thousand of colourful sneakers, we sat down and started to discuss in a comfortable atmosphere. How is working at Munich, a well and long-established company?

Xavier Berneda- Well, I am the third generation running the firm. Founded by my grandfather and later my dad, it’s my turn to take the rein of the company to continuing making it grow and well, it has not been yet declared bankrupt (said jokingly).

We are always trying to improve, though sometimes it means to forget we are basically shoemakers. For us, it is important to listen to our customers’. As part of our business strategy ,this year we have launched a female travel bag line, we have designed a collection for women, we have strengthened children’s wear, and we have signed an agreement with Marc Marquez to reach the teen audience eager to experience life and to record every moment of  their lives with a GoPro. Maybe Marc becomes Munich energy drink, and gives us an extra burst of energy.

We have built a brand and we must know how to make the most of it. Which services are you currently using with us? And what for?

Xavier Berneda- We are texting, we use SMS. We know it’s hard to believe since now more than ever everything is done via WhatsApp. We receive few SMSes, but when receiving one you ensure visibility. We use it a lot.

We send a random code for the Munich Mercat, event which is held now twice a year, invite people, and we confirm their attendance via SMS.

We give for granted people have more than one email id, more than one avatar. However, they may have one mobile, two at the most. That is why we send SMS via, namely to deliver the invitation and the confirmation Tell us about the integration of our services. Did it involve lots of efforts or was it rather simple?

Xavier Berneda- We are delighted with And I am not saying this lightly or for advertising. We are really delighted, we have direct contact with the CEO, we enjoy from facilities, good and competitive pricing, summing up: easy and convenient.

Integration was easy to undertake. We have not a single complaint. Do you have any ideas or suggestions for improvements?

Xavier Berneda- My answer is a clear no. We are completely pleased with the service. I wish every provider could be like

However, the future is uncertain. How will we contact customers? It is not a specific doubt on, but a general question. That sounds interesting, Xavier.

Xavier Berneda-  Our means of communication are huge. And what’s more some years ago, when travelling to Asia we received faxes two days after our arrival. Once received it, I replied them by fax too. There was a kind of exchange of courtesy. Nowadays, if you don’t answer an email within 15-of receipt you are reached by SMS or WhatsApp asking you “what’s up?”  It might be simply because my mobile is not within my arm’s reach, or me being interviewed.

Future remains uncertain, this is my concern.

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