Smart contract what is

Smart contract: trends in digital contracting

The contracting process has been evolving significantly over the last few years; think about how you sign a contract to change your mobile phone company now and how you did it a few years ago. Many companies are still signing physical contracts, but others are turning to Smart Contracts and other digital contracting trends that dramatically change how business-to-business agreements are entered into. Here we tell you what a Smart Contract is, how it works, cases in which it can be used and other trends in digital contracting.

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validez de la firma electrónica

Questions and answers about esignatures

Switching from handwritten signatures to electronic signatures is key to boosting your company’s digital transformation, driving corporate social responsibility and standing out from your competitors. However, some questions may arise before using this tool. This post aims to answer the most common questions, such as what the electronic signature is for, what types there are, what requirements it must have to be valid, how the electronic signature works and where it is regulated, among other questions.

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Te contamos en qué consiste la ley de secretos empresariales y cómo cuidarlos

Law on trade secrets: Understanding the law and how to keep your trade secrets safe

All companies deal with secret information every day, and its disclosure might do irreparable reputational or economic damage. Until 2019 there was no Trade Secrets Act in Spain. Still, it finally came into force in March 2019 due to the transposition of the European Directive on the protection of undisclosed know-how and business information against unlawful acquisition, use and disclosure. This post tells you more about what the Trade Secrets Act protects, to whom it applies, what effects the protection has, and what legal and technological steps companies can take to protect their secrets.

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opening and online bank account

Digital signature and biometrics: New technologies in the opening of bank accounts

Electronic signatures make many procedures easier for companies in general and banks in particular. Using electronic signatures avoids travel, time-consuming procedures and delays in banking operations. However, banks need security in their transactions, so they need to have a robust authentication process. Here we tell you how new technologies such as biometrics and electronic signatures are used to open online bank accounts and other banking operations.

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what is a Secure electronic signature

Electronic signature security: Notetaking checklist

Electronic signatures are a step that many companies have taken to enter into the digital transformation, but there are always concerns about the security of electronic signatures. This post tells you about the necessary security checks to ensure no security breaches that could lead to data loss or fraudulent use of information when signing electronically.

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