Lleida.net agregador

Déjà vu: Lleida.net, the first Spanish aggregator

Today I had a déjà vu and I have returned to the origins… yes, Lleida.net is once again the first 100% Spanish aggregator. In 2003, Lleida.net acquired its first licence as a Spanish operator. Little by little we were doing interconnections with all the Spanish operators, it was an expensive and long task, because nobody …

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Lleida.net’s commitment to innovation and sustainability

We got brand-new cars! Electric cars, of course. We have an innovative spirit with a focus on how to develop business, based on sustainability and responsibility. We are an IT company, but we are not manufacturers, so that, not having this industrial component, the impact of our business on the environment is relatively small. We …

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Welcome 2017

Yeah, it is probably too late for welcoming the new year, but as a very wise person said long time ago, better late than never. Raimon Pannikar, a philosopher, theologian, writer, son of a Hindu father and a Catalan mother, said that winter is a time to heal wounds, to recover the spirits, to strengthen …

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