reclamador moves on to Registered email

reclamador operates a flight claims website that offers services for flight cancellation, overbooking, incidents related to luggage, banks, telephone operators or  insurance companies. To this end, it has a strong team of lawyers throughout Spain. It works under a No Win, No Fee model, i.e. if you do not get results, no fees are charged. In addition, in the case of going to trial they advance the expenses and only recover them if they win. Since its beginnings in 2012,reclamador has more than 70,000 customers, a 98% success rate and more than 70,000 visits per month.

The company won the prestigious startup contest SeedRocket on Nov 2012. SeedRocket is an innovative private accelerator for entrepreneurs with projects related to new technologies.

Since its creation in 2012, reclamador is strongly committed to transparency in communicating with its customers. Thus, the leading platform facilitates user claims the price of their services from the very first moment, as well as all the information about processes from start to finish. Both such information, as the management of these processes is performed entirely online, betting on introducing technology throughout the legal model in Spanish.

reclamador and Registered email

This alliance brings security to the communications of the platform for online claims helping to save time, due to the ease of use and integration into the internal management system.

Moreover, the cost of registered electronic communications is much lower than any other paper communications offering the same legal validity.

Paul Rabanal, CEO of reclamador, explains that “thanks to this agreement we would provide security, reliability and efficiency to our users. Being reclamador a technological platform it is crucial to offer the highest quality communication and the greatest attention to our customers”.

Sisco SapenaCEO and founder of, says”we are proud that a 100% digital platform like reclamador  has chosen us as a supplier because it will let many users to discover the benefits of electronic notifications.”

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