Mobile World Congress 2016

Once again, for the eleventh time, has exhibited in the Mobile World Congress, an event which initially was a conference between telecommunication operators. Currently, the Mobile World Congress has become one of the essential events for manufacturers and developers of systems and equipment for mobile handsets.

With 110,000 square meters of exhibition space, 2,200 stands and more than one hundred thousand visitors, the GSMA confirmed the Mobile hit a significant milestone.

Since the event can be analysed from a binary view,we may say there are two Mobile World Congress

More than one Mobile World Congress

The first one, the show business one, where the launch of the latest developments by Samsung, LG and Sony take place; the one packed with impressive stands like Nokia or Intel; the stands teemed with phones and tablets waiting for thousands of visitors to try their cameras with dual lenses and full of manual modes, the response speed,the fluidity, etc.

The other Mobile is the Mobile of the invisible technology, the one we integrate without almost realizing it, generally presented in more humble stands and usually undetected among the mainstream press and the public.

And finally the Mobile of the return towards society. While the event organization meets certain environmental criteria, such as neutrality carbon footprint , the leading technology manufacturers need more ethical commitment on the origin of certain essential minerals for the devices, such as gold and coltan. Lack of control of production and trade contributing to finance guerrillas who have turned the Democratic Republic of Congo on a battlefield where more than five million people have been killed.

The Fairphone is a good example of ethical phone: made with certified provenance minerals without planned obsolescence, designed to be easily repaired, and made with components developed in assembly lines where workers are guaranteed wage conditions and labour rights.

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