Identification, authentication and authorisation

Online access to products and services entails a process with different stages that may seem quite similar if carried out naturally and transparently, although they respond to very different needs:

  • Identification Once the company collects the characteristics that uniquely define the individual, it identifies the individual. My fingerprints and facial features help identify me, thus setting me apart from other people. Companies should know whom they are dealing with; they should identify their customers and ensure the best possible service.
  • Authentication. Once identified, customers will be provided with credentials to ensure they are who they claim to be. The credentials may come in several forms: I can either identify myself each time I log in or use alternative tools such as a username and password. The credentials might be more or less robust, more or less challenging to guess. They are under the control of their holder.
  • Authorization. Customer credentials will grant them certain privileges to access services; in other words, they will authorize them to purchase products or to perform specific operations. It is pretty common that we may be authorized to do different things based on the credentials we are using. Depending on the criticality of what we want to do, we will probably need to authenticate with more robust credentials.

Emerging technologies and new circumstances have led us to live in a highly demanding online world for nearly all areas, be it consumption of goods, leisure, personal and professional relationships…

To respond to this increasingly immaterial scenario, we need to offer resources allowing us to know that a customer is present without being there, allowing them to access different services requiring different security levels in an expeditious fashion. has a wide range of services to meet these processes.

Remote identification is achieved through eKYC products that provide tools to collect such unique traits that distinguish customers, tools that are security accredited by an external third party.

Our clients are banks, insurance companies, and utility companies requiring different authentication levels depending on the authorised transaction.

We offer alternative solutions such as one-time passwords (OTP), simple electronic signatures, advanced electronic signatures… thereby building an ecosystem that is easily integrated into business processes.

Thus, online transactions of identified, authenticated, and authorized users can be performed seamlessly and smoothly.

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