correo certificado online y motivos para usarlo

Registered email: reasons to use it

The email has become part of our lives; however, we are still using paper to send registered communications by postal mail. Digital transformation must embrace those communications that need to attest who sends/receives the communication, when, and its content. In this post, we tell you what registered is and why you should use it.

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prescripción de deudas con comunicación certificada

Prevent outstanding debts with registered communications

Do you have defaults in your company, and you don’t know what to do? A client may not pay you the invoice he owes you despite having talked to him,  It is a common problem in companies and, many times is unknown how to interrupt the prescription period and prevent the debt from prescribing because it has not been claimed reliably. In this post we tell you what to do to avoid the prescription of debts.

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Cómo firmar digitalmente un contrato o documento paso a paso

How to digitally sign documents

The electronic signature has become an essential tool for many companies that want to boost their business having agile and efficient processes, although it is not always known how to digitally sign or its implications. In this post we tell you how a document is digitally signed step by step, what you must consider in an electronic signature process and what type of documents can be signed.

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