We go multi-screen

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Our new web, portable size

Sites viewed on large screens are good enough to navigate content, but what about smartphones and mobile devices?

We have kept users in mind when designing our new website. Mobile has reached a turning point; people are going online on many devices throughout the day, computers, smartphones, tablets…

One in five visits to our website come from a mobile device, and counting. Think about how many times have you started reading an e-mail on your phone while commuting, or at the doctor’s office  and then continued reading on your PC once at home?

Is there any difference between the desktop and mobile version? Yes but not.

Yes, because when using a computer, we use precise mouse clicks for every task. A mobile user, on the other hand, has the precision of a finger—a finger that’s almost never that thin.

Yes, because using the so called Responsive web design (RWD) we have optimized your site experience across different screen sizes without creating multiple websites. With flexible templates, CSS and JavaScript, a responsive site immediately adjusts images, template layouts and content according to the screen size of a device. Using a single URL for a piece of content makes it easier for users to interact with, share, and link to our content.

No, because the content, the services provided, the links… all are exactly the same, except that we have kept in mind the limitations of a finger.

It is not desktop vs. mobile, it’s moving with the times, it’s constant connectivity, and it’s bearing you in mind.

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