“We are now 21st century ilergetas,” Sisco Sapena

The International Award Ciutat de Lleida is a bronze reproduction of the document known as “Bronze of Ascoli,” a legal text published in 89 BC to the Italian town of Ascoli. Recognized granting Roman citizenship to a group of 30 riders indigenous Hispanic middle valley of the Ebro, including three of Lleida, who participated in the Italian social war. It is the oldest document in which the name of the city appears in latin, Ilerda..

firmalibrohonorUsing the same idea, the recognition of the citizenship, Sisco Sapena signed La Paeria Book of Honour and expressed his gratitude for the award , “We are now 21st century ilergetas.This award underlines  the recognition of our world citizenship.”

El Premi Internacional Ciutat de Lleida, held annually since 2008 awarded by the city of Lleida for five years, honouring those who contribute through their professional activities to the international presence of the city of Lleida and its area of influence.

The award ceremony was held yesterday, Tuesday November 5, in the Plenary Hall of La Paeria. And was jointly run by the mayor of Lleida Mr Angel Ros, the president of the jury Rosa Maria Calaf and Lleida’s deputy mayor Montse Minguez.

D. Angel Ros extended his compliments to the awarded and said; “this is an award that enhances self-esteem to the people of LLeida, a way to show that we do a number of key relevant things from different spheres of knowledge and expertise.

In previous years, prizes went to: Rafael Ferreruela for his humanitarian activities, Custo Dalmau, for his innovative and creative style, to the University of Lleida, for knowledge dissemination and to Dr. Roc Pifarré Florejachs, for the scientific sphere

In her turn, Rosa Maria Calaf, as president of the jury, explained some of the grounds for giving the award to Lleida.net, “It is a pioneer company offering innovative solutions, with an international dimension, it creates jobs, it is a driving force beyond ideas, it offers support to third parties and it is engaged in social responsibility actions. And there is no doubt that the lands of Lleida are promoted all over the world.

Montse Mínguez introduced Sisco as the source of Lleida.net coming this far, and she awarded him the Bronze.


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