Addendum of access to content

Recently, we have added a new feature to Registered email, namely addendum of access to content. This new feature is based on our client’s feedback, which we analyse and study in detail, and if it may benefit our users , we develop it and publish. In this case, this improvement provides added information on the … Read moreAddendum of access to content

Qué son las notificaciones electronicas

Ever heard about registered electronic notifications?

  Registered electronic notifications are ecommunications providing evidence, track of the content, the sender, the recipient the date and time of the sending and of the delivery. Therefore, we are talking about a communication admissible into evidence and stored during 5 years. The communication generates a certificate providing the above mention information and all the related … Read moreEver heard about registered electronic notifications?

reclamador utilizará el correo electrónico certificado de

reclamador moves on to Registered email

reclamador operates a flight claims website that offers services for flight cancellation, overbooking, incidents related to luggage, banks, telephone operators or  insurance companies. To this end, it has a strong team of lawyers throughout Spain. It works under a No Win, No Fee model, i.e if you do not get results, no fees are charged. … Read morereclamador moves on to Registered email