Speeding up your contracts is no longer a dream

Ever dreamed of having a magic button, kind of magic wand? Definitely we all have dreamed of some magic someday;recover the lost youth, say what we silenced or having that difficult contract finally signed.

Unfortunately magic wands are just in the hands of fairies and Rewind or Fast forward buttons are just on video recorders to skip annoying commercials, to get to your favourite scene of the movie or to move the most boring songs.

In 2013 Lleida.net developed E-mail contract, the FF button of the contracts. This innovative way of signing contracts makes the whole process easier,helping to accelerate the sealing of the deal.

The company sends the contract proposal through e-mail to a contract certifying mailbox available to you. At the subject line type your customer’s email id, and space and the subject of the mail. The customer when replying to the e-mail with the confirmation/consent, the contract is closed, paperless and fully legally binding.

Win a smartwatch and press the FF button of your contracts

sony-smartwatchAll those users purchasing registered messages on line between April 23 and May 22, 2014, will enter into a drawing to win one Smartwatch. A smartwatch, to speed up your contracts.

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 *FF: To fast-forward is to move forward through a recording at a speed faster than that at which it would usually be played. The recordings are usually audio, video or computer data. 

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